Ugandan Defenders Initiative

Uganda’s LGBTQIA+ population faces some of the worst and most persistent persecution of any group in the world. Recent legislation has effectively criminalized homosexuality in Uganda and can carry a death sentence. Queer Ugandans are beaten, stoned, chased from their homes, and abused by the very police who are tasked with their “protection.” Those who are able to seek refuge in neighboring countries continue to survive physical attacks, threats, sexual harassment and denial of food and access to fresh water—even within formal refugee camps.

Recognizing the extraordinary need to support courageous Ugandan human rights defenders, activists, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community with trauma-informed case management and asylum referrals, Task Force Nyx launched a Ugandan initiative in Spring 2023. We have multiple asylum referrals in-process and are partnering with international and local grassroots NGOs in Uganda and Kenya to support this exceptionally resilient and deserving community.