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Countries offering asylum to TFN families (UK, USA, Canada, Brazil, Portugal, Belgium, Italy and Spain)
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The “A” Family

The principal applicant in this family was a security guard at a U.S. Army complex for Taliban prisoners. Unfortunately, his length of employment was one month too short to be eligible for a U.S. visa. This family was at significant risk—one brother was murdered and their mother and sister were shot when the Taliban attacked their home.

Task Force Nyx provided funding and logistical support to safely evacuate this family to a regional third country, and continued to provide financial sponsorship for dignified housing and living expenses, as well as prenatal care and the cost of a C-section for the birth of a daughter in late 2021. 

In Spring 2022, Task Force Nyx helped secure Brazilian humanitarian visas for this family, who recently resettled in their new home country.

“This family came to us via an email outreach, which became a WhatsApp conversation, which carried through a harrowing journey to Pakistan, which blossomed into a deep friendship. We have learned many lessons through our work with this family, which have in turn shaped our case management approach. However, at the end of the day, our most important role is that of ‘aunties’ to their two beautiful children.”

The “U” Family

Mrs. “U” is a women’s rights and media activist who was threatened and beaten due to her work. She holds a degree in law and, despite her young age, was active in Afghan civil society and nongovernmental work. Mrs. “U” has been followed and threatened at gunpoint, and her husband was arrested due to her work. She was a highly recognizable target for those seeking to suppress women’s voices. Despite these risks, she continued to advocate for the rights of women and girls, even holding protests in her own home.

Task Force Nyx safely evacuated the family to a neighboring country and is providing monthly support for their food and lodging. We are helping the family apply for asylum in several third countries.

“I saw many problems in life and we suffered a lot. You are my only friends who have always loved me, and you both understood me and worked with me. Thank you so much for everything.”
Mrs. U

Fida—An Unaccompanied Minor Comes Home

In November 2021, Task Force Nyx was introduced to an unaccompanied minor named Fida. He had been shot by the Taliban in his home village, and was subsequently poisoned while crossing overland from Afghanistan into a neighboring third country. He did not have an onward pathway to asylum.
In addition to day-to-day emotional support, Task Force Nyx helped organize access for Fida to technical and computer skills training (an area of interest,) medical care and supply delivery when he was ill with Covid, and also organized the first birthday party that had ever been thrown in his honor, virtually! (Including balloons, treats, and a care package of clothing and essential items.)

Task Force Nyx provided ongoing funding to ensure Fida has safe and secure accommodation, which is critical given the trauma he endured, and also due to his age and vulnerability. We helped facilitate his referral for a refugee visa to Canada; he arrived safely to the True North in Spring 2022, and is settling in with support of TFN co-founder Sara and her family. 

“I was living in a one room apartment in Islamabad, without any hope, security, any financial resources, refugee asylum, and most important someone to share with. I didn’t have money to eat healthy food with, and my only angle of view about my life was that it’ll be in a cage-like room and always in hiding. I can’t conclude all the things that changed after Task Force Nyx helped me. I’m now thinking that I might be the luckiest person in the whole of Afghanistan and Pakistan, I have some aunties that are willing to reply to me many times a day, and don’t even feel loneliness. Thank you so much Task Force Nyx and aunties for changing my life.”

The “N” Family

In Spring 2022, Task Force Nyx was put in contact with a family with a United States visa pathway, whose daughter suffered from a debilitating, rare genetic condition. This family had recently arrived in a transit country, but needed direct assistance to access and pay for appropriate medical care and to provide the advocacy necessary to expedite their U.S. visa.

Due to the generosity of TFN donors, we were able to fund specialist therapeutic food and medication for the 5-year-old girl and ensure she received hospital based care needed prior to her departure. The TFN team organized five years of extensive medical paperwork and created a detailed case file, which was provided to government officials, ensuring her case was expedited due to the urgency of her medical needs. 

This family is currently receiving medical and resettlement support at a U.S. military base, and will arrive in the United States by early summer.

“You saved my life. I will never forget it.” 
Mr. N

Brazil Pathways

Beginning in Autumn of 2021, Task Force Nyx helped steward a cadre of eight families from the beginning of the humanitarian visa application process through travel to and resettlement in Brazil. The families arrived over a span of several months in Spring 2022, and were welcomed and supported by a Brazilian resettlement NGO. 

TFN’s role covered the gamut of the planning and execution for this pilot group, including substantial fundraising, flight and visa coordination, cultural planning and preparation, communication with sponsors and case managers, and ongoing emotional support for Brazil bound families in this cadre

“Now another problem. Children cannot sleep because over enjoying. Neither can I and my wife.”
A TFN Dad in Brazil

The “R” Family

TFN has been providing fiancial and visa relocation support to three Afghans in the UAE currently living with a friend of TFN Co-Founder Laura. The “F” family have lovingly taken in these three young people to their home, providing support and educational tutoring, and have fully integrated them into their family life. It is hoped the young people will travel to be reunited with other family members in a final resettlement country soon.