About Us


Task Force Nyx was established in August 2021 to support at-risk Afghans whose lives were immediately threatened following the collapse of the Government of Afghanistan. We chose our name in honor of the Greek goddess Nyx, embodiment of the night, and known to be so powerful that Zeus himself feared her. We prioritize assisting women’s rights activists, human rights defenders, LGBTQ+ individuals and members of other marginalized populations. By establishing communities of caring, we walk alongside individuals and families from exfiltration through resettlement and asylum.



Recognizing and valuing the dignity and humanity of refugee families. All individuals and families deserve equal opportunities and rights to seek safety for themselves and for their families. The refugee journey is unfailingly complex and arduous, but we can support our families with dignity, by developing meaningful relationships and undertaking diligent planning.


Prioritizing the most at-risk families and complex cases. TFN conducts rigorous risk assessments on individuals and families, identifying and supporting those who are at highest risk and who, due to the complexity of their cases, are unlikely to receive support from other organizations. 


Providing a high level of support. Our approach is deliberate and intentional. Our families aren’t simply names in a database. We invest heavily in getting to know our families and providing them ongoing tactical and emotional support, often on a daily basis. 


Committing for the duration. It can take two to three years (or more) for refugees to be assigned a third country visa, travel, and be fully integrated in their new host community. Task Force Nyx is committed to following our families from evacuation to asylum—we stand by them until they are safely HOME.