About Us


Task Force Nyx partners with at-risk Afghan women’s rights protesters and activists in the service of advocacy, emergency protection, and access to dignified third-country resettlement and asylum. Centering the stories and voices of our Afghan colleagues–and all Afghan women and girls–is our cherished mandate. These courageous women lead our strategy, inform our priorities, and guide our organization. We chose our name in honor of the Greek goddess Nyx, embodiment of the night, and known to be so powerful that Zeus himself feared her. 



Recognizing the power of global sisterhood, Task Force Nyx stands in solidarity with Afghanistan’s women’s rights protesters. We strive to elevate their voices and honor their remarkable courage in every initiative we undertake. 


We take a women-centered, trauma-informed approach to our direct work with at-risk and vulnerable women and families, recognizing both the short- and long-term impacts of violence and trauma. We aim to bring compassion and dignity to every interaction. 


We are committed to establishing long-term relationships with Afghanistan’s women’s rights protesters, built on mutual trust, respect and collaboration. These relationships guide our work and inform our strategy. 

Relentless Advocacy

We are committed to harnessing every available resource to support our Afghan sisters. We will continuously advocate for the rights and futures of all Afghan women and girls, holding governments and international organizations to account for protecting their freedoms.