Steadfastly supporting at-risk Afghan activists and allies on their journey to safety.

Our Mission

Task Force Nyx is a women-led, all-volunteer NGO that fights for the futures and freedoms of Afghan women and girls. We amplify the voices of Afghan women’s rights activists and provide emergency humanitarian support to the most at-risk protesters, human rights defenders, and their families. 
We work tirelessly to unite Afghan women’s rights protesters with global allies and mobilize resources and support for the Afghan women’s rights movement.

Women’s Rights are Human Rights

We are relentless in our advocacy for equal rights for Afghan women and girls–including the rights to education, employment, equal political participation, freedom of movement and expression, and equality and safety in marriage. Task Force Nyx actively engages with third-country governments to ensure the most at-risk Afghan women’s rights protesters are able to access dignified resettlement pathways.