Task Force Nyx works directly with the women’s rights protesters and leaders of the women’s rights movements, to ensure our work is always centered on the most at-risk Afghan women and girls. While it is not possible to feature the stories of all of these remarkable women on our website, we wanted to honor those who have played a guiding role in shaping our organization and work.

Hoda Khamosh - Afghanistan Women’s Justice Movement

A Time 100 Person of 2022 and a BBC 100 Woman of 2021, Hoda is an activist, protester, poet, and writer who has dedicated her life to advocacy for the rights of Afghan women and girls. Before the Taliban returned to power in August 2021, Hoda led several successful campaigns regarding women’s health issues and cultural taboos.

In January 2022, Hoda was invited to attend a meeting in Oslo, Norway between world governments and the Taliban, where she confronted Taliban leaders regarding their violent campaign against women and girls. Over the last year, Hoda has continued her activism through engagement in meetings, protests, and through her writing. Hoda is grateful to work alongside an incredible group of courageous Afghan women, including her two sisters who are actively involved in women’s rights.


Munisa Mubariz - Afghanistan Powerful Movement

Munisa has over 13 years’ experience working in progressively senior positions within local and international organizations on issues pertaining to women’s and gender rights. Munisa’s experience includes working as a gender officer in the Institute for Rural Development, and as a gender mainstreaming coordinator in the National Program for Horticulture. She worked as the Head of Talented Women, and actively participated in media interviews and reporting, documenting work to support and protect the rights of Afghan women and girls.

Munisa has become one of the most visible and prominent women’s rights protesters in Afghanistan, with her image becoming synonymous with the women’s rights movements. Munisa reports that she has participated in over 153 media interviews since August 2021 demanding the Taliban respect women and girls.


Razia Barakzai - Spontaneous Movement of Fighting Women of Afghanistan

Razia Barak Haidari is an accomplished journalist, university professor, political leader, and founder and leader of the Afghan women’s rights protests, including the Spontaneous Movement of Afghan Women, now known as the Spontaneous Movement of Afghan Women Fighters. She has been tirelessly fighting for human rights for the last seven years. Razia, a BBC 100 Woman for 2021 whose work is globally known, has been recognized by the New York Times, Washington Post, BBC, and People magazine, and was recently featured in the novel “We Are Still Here,” highlighting stories of exceptional at-risk Afghan women human rights defenders and leaders. Since August 2021, Razia has appeared in more than 40 media interviews in local and international television, discussing the deteriorating human rights for Afghan women and girls. She is unequivocally one of the most well-recognized and at-risk Afghan women’s rights leaders. 


Dr. Zahra “Mohammadi” Haqparast - Unity and Solidarity Team of Afghan Women

Dr. Zahra is the founder of the Unity and Solidarity Team of Afghan Women, an accomplished and successful Dentist by profession, a cherished colleague and a devoted friend. Recognizing the Taliban were not reformers, Zahra led and participated in dozens of protests in Kabul against the Taliban. Zahra and her colleagues dream of a future of freedom and liberty for all Afghan women and girls.

Zahra believes in the importance of generosity and giving to others. She has organized several humanitarian programs to support children in need. She is also a tireless advocate for her friends and colleagues. 


Zholya Parisi - Spontaneous Movement of Protesting Women in Afghanistan

Zholya is a committed teacher and women’s rights activist with over 16 years of experience in education. For eight years, Zholya taught at an all girls school. She has also served in multiple leadership and management positions in education.
Recently, Zholya was the Executive Director of the Board of Advisors for the Supreme Council of National Reconciliation. After the Fall of Kabul in August 2021, Zholya worked with other women in education, civil society, politics, and leadership to demand the Taliban respect the rights of women and girls. Recognizing the Taliban would severely restrict girls’ rights and access to education, Zholya emerged as a leader and founded the Spontaneous Movement of Protesting Women in Afghanistan. She has organized, led and participated in over 15 protests and remains committed to advocating for the future of her Afghan sisters and friends. 



Laura has over 18 years of experience designing and implementing disaster relief, humanitarian response, and refugee relief programs in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, for the U.S. Agency for International Development, the World Bank Group, U.S. government development contractors, and public charities. Laura’s technical expertise includes micro-lending, bi-lateral and multi-lateral trade reviews, emergency relief, refugee resettlement, infrastructure development, and capacity building. In her role as Chief Response Officer for a U.S.-based public charity, Laura successfully expanded the organization’s initial single-country mission to include partnerships in Greece, Serbia, France, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen, Tanzania and Bangladesh. She earned an MBA in management and a master’s in development studies. Laura is Chief of Strategic Partnerships for Task Force Nyx.


Sara’s work within the refugee relief and resettlement spheres spans three decades. A former Fulbright scholar, Sara began her career researching and drafting legislation on international women’s issues, before completing her graduate work at George Mason University. She has structured and implemented aid programs in Southern Europe, the Middle East and North America, and has volunteered in refugee camps and informal communities on four continents. Sara has extensive experience organizing multinational advocacy events and forums on refugee resettlement, and is a successful disaster response and relief fundraiser. She acts as Chief of Development and Outreach for TFN and our families.

Frontline Team

Dr. B

Dr. B is a specialist of internal medicine, a sonologist, hospital director, and former head of a COVID-19 regional hospital in Afghanistan. He has extensive clinical and hospital experience delivering life-saving healthcare. A former university lecturer, Dr. B became an ICU master trainer during the COVID-19 pandemic, working directly alongside the Afghan Ministry of Health to upskill doctors across the country to respond to the pandemic. He is a proud feminist and, in his role with Task Force Nyx–primarily focused on documentation and case management for women protesters–he is honored to work with so many powerful women. 


Meet Lucretia, a Ugandan transgender woman, human rights defender and a proud representative of the LGBTQIA+ refugee community at Kakuma Refugee Camp. Lucretia’s journey to activism has been fueled by her unyielding spirit as a survivor of relentless homophobia in Kenya, where she currently resides. With a steadfast belief in justice, equality, freedom, and protection for all, Lucretia champions inclusion and diversity in every facet of her life. Beyond her advocacy work, Lucretia’s heart is captivated by her love for dogs and the joy she finds in compliments about her hair. Her story is one of resilience, courage, and a deep commitment to creating a better future for herself and her beloved community. 


Sabira is a businesswoman and women’s rights activist. She has a long history of advocating for women’s rights and economic opportunities, both professionally and as a volunteer. After the fall of Kabul, Sabira joined forces with other women and took to the streets, demanding equal rights and a brighter future for Afghan women and girls. As co-leader of the Afghan Women’s Justice Movement, she was often on the front lines of protests and determined the strategy, logistics, and messaging for many of their campaigns for freedom. Sabira remains deeply involved in advocacy work for women’s rights and the Hazara people of Afghanistan. 


Zabi has dedicated his career to advocating on behalf of, and providing compassionate assistance to, vulnerable Afghans. He volunteered for three years with an NGO in Kabul, providing social assistance, including health care and support to people living with HIV/AIDS and those dealing with drug addiction. At that time, he also worked to raise awareness about Afghanistan’s LGBTQ+ community. Zabi completed his university studies in Kabul in law and political science. He is the beloved third-country coordinator for Task Force Nyx, and was named 2022 Task Force Nyx Person of the Year. 

Ground Team

Task Force Nyx is supported by a phenomenal team, who are committed to supporting at-risk families on their journey to safety. The members of this team are true heroes who uphold the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. We are incredibly grateful for the support and the dignity they provide to TFN families in their care.

North American and UK Team


Aimee is a Canadian based web-designer. She assisted Task Force Nyx with designing and devloping this website and continues to support TFN to maintain the site. Aimee was born in Apartheid South Africa so learned from a very early-age about the injustices in the world. She has worked in the charitable sector, volunteered around the globe and continues to stay involved in local and global initiatives.


Jennifer is a U.S.-based immigration attorney and managing partner at a full-service immigration law firm that handles family-based immigration, naturalizations, waivers, removal proceedings, asylum cases, and appeals globally. She is also founding board member and president of a nonprofit dedicated to providing U.S. immigration documents to Afghans in crisis, as well as evacuating SIV applicants and their families to safety. She provides legal input to TFN.