Laura, Co-Founder

Laura has over 18 years of experience designing and implementing disaster relief, humanitarian response, and refugee relief programs in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, for the U.S. Agency for International Development, the World Bank Group, U.S. government development contractors, and public charities. Laura’s technical expertise includes micro-lending, bi-lateral and multi-lateral trade reviews, emergency relief, refugee resettlement, infrastructure development, and capacity building. In her role as Chief Response Officer for a U.S.-based public charity, Laura successfully expanded the organization’s initial single-country mission to include partnerships in Greece, Serbia, France, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen, Tanzania and Bangladesh. She earned an MBA in management and a master’s in development studies. Laura is Chief of Strategic Partnerships for Task Force Nyx.

Sara, Co-Founder

Sara’s work within the refugee relief and resettlement spheres spans three decades. A former Fulbright scholar, Sara began her career researching and drafting legislation on international women’s issues, before completing her graduate work at George Mason University. She has structured and implemented aid programs in Southern Europe, the Middle East and North America, and has volunteered in refugee camps and informal communities on four continents. Sara has extensive experience organizing multinational advocacy events and forums on refugee resettlement, and is a successful disaster response and relief fundraiser. She acts as Chief of Caring for TFN and our families.



Erin is a newcomer to refugee relief, after connecting with an Afghan neighbor who needed help bringing his family to safety. As fundraising lead for TFN, she uses her Google sales background to approach strategic partners and donors, sharing with them how their contributions can provide life-changing opportunities for vulnerable Afghans. She is a natural-born connector who loves bringing talented, passionate individuals into the Nyx atmosphere.


Jennifer is a U.S.-based immigration attorney and managing partner at a full-service immigration law firm that handles family-based immigration, naturalizations, waivers, removal proceedings, asylum cases, and appeals globally. She is also founding board member and president of a nonprofit dedicated to providing U.S. immigration documents to Afghans in crisis, as well as evacuating SIV applicants and their families to safety. She provides legal input to TFN.


Kate is a U.S.-based attorney who is new to refugee relief efforts. Since August 2021, she has assisted multiple organizations as a communications director, legal advisor, and case manager. She joins Task Force Nyx as Chief Project Officer, focusing on advocacy efforts, case development and cross-organizational management. She additionally serves as #AfghanEvac’s Director of Resiliency Programming, and her primary goal in life is to be 1/8 as impactful as Laura and Sara in her work. 


Nadene is an award-winning journalist and writer of mixed British/Afghan heritage who has written extensively on refugee issues. Nadene has lived and worked across four continents, including seven years in Afghanistan and two in Pakistan. She possesses a strong understanding of on-the-ground realities, and is able to help Task Force Nyx remain flexible and adaptable to ever-changing scenarios, in order to ensure maximum efficiency—and success!—in our work. Nadene is also the co-founder of the Afghanistan Support Network, founded in August 2021. 


Zabihullah has dedicated his career to advocating on behalf of, and providing compassionate assistance to, vulnerable Afghans. He volunteered for three years with an NGO in Kabul, providing social assistance, including health care and support to people living with HIV/AIDS and those dealing with drug addiction. At that time, he also worked to raise awareness about Afghanistan’s LGBTQ+ community. Zabi completed his university studies in Kabul in law and political science. He is third-country coordinator for Task Force Nyx. 


Zahra is a dentist by trade and an activist in her heart. She operated her own business for years, and many people—especially women and girls—benefited from her clinic. After the collapse of Kabul, she marched and organized on the front lines for freedom, human rights and girls’ education, leading the Unity and Solidarity of Afghan Women movement. She believes that societally and politically bypassing women is impossible. Zahra became a leading voice among Afghanistan’s women’s rights activists, organizing protests and rallying a diverse cross-section of women around shared values and dreams for their country. She is Caring Officer for Task Force Nyx.